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Additional T&C that applies to Real Estate Signage


Where a proof is required, please check thoroughly and return with any changes clearly marked and explained. Approvals must be sent to

Approvals over the phone will not be accepted and will need to be approved in writing.

If a standard sign proof is approved by 3:00pm Monday to Thursday or 9:00am Friday, the sign will be installed the next working installation day. Please note changes to your proof will be required in writing, changes over the phone will not be accepted. 24 HOUR or SAME DAY installations are available at an additional cost.

Sign installation time is subject to change in the case of operational conditions, supply delays and weather conditions. In the event of such a delay Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre - Show Time Signs indemnifies itself from any restitution by the client.

Please allow two to seven working days for commercial signage installation from approval, this includes all elevated installations i.e. roof installations.

In approving artwork to print, you are verifying that all details presented on the artwork proof have been checked and are correct. Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre - Show Time Signs can only match information given and are not responsible for any colour errors. 

Changes after approval will incur charges. Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre - Show Time Signs must adhere to strict style guides. Changes to templates outlined within your brands style guides are generally not allowed; unauthorised changes can breach these agreements and puts Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre - Show Time Signs at risk of losing the right to replicate artwork. Please do not request changes to your style guide as refusal may offend. Changes must go through your marketing department for approval.

We rely on our clients to know and be aware of colour variances that can occur from different printing methods. Although colours specified in artwork proofs are correct, these can not be matched to your computer monitor screen or to a job that has been previously printed using a different printing process.

As signs are rented not purchased, the sign's well being is the responsibility of the hirer while installed. Vandalised, or damaged due to weather events will be replaced at the hirer expense. As a commercial entity loss of stock is damaging to the profitably of the business and is a cost that can not be afforded. Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre  reserves the right to exercise the necessary recourse to reclaim the monetary value of lost or damaged property through the hirer.

Signs remain the property of Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre - Show Time Signs during the entire rental period; modifications to the signs are strictly prohibited. Please inform the company by phone or email for collection.

Prices for Real Estate Signage are six months rental. Maintenance of signs installed will incur a call out fee. Standard sign installation involves the use of star pickets, while great care is taken to ensure that services are not hit you are required to provide a “dial before you dig” where necessary ( Other installation instructions need to be provided or the sign installers will install where they see fit. Sign installers will conduct a brief site inspection before installation.

Sign installers have the authority to override installation instructions if the installation would put the installer or public in harms way, damage services, or contravene local council laws. Re-installation of signs will incur a call out fee.

Agents are required to make sure that the property sign installed at any property location is still at the original installation position that the Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre - installed the rental signage, if the sign has been removed / damaged / disposed of or cannot be located at the installation property a charge of $100.00 will be due to be paid to Noosa One Stop Print & Sign Centre by the agency that ordered the sign originally. Vendors / Purchasers / Agents are not allowed to move signs, as this practice always results in damage to our sign, it is incumbent on agents to inform us 7 days in advance that the sign needs to be picked up so as to eliminate the sign being moved or damaged by the Vendor / Purchaser / Agents.

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